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Re: Question on Pro Co RAT and available schematics

7/5/2000 8:49 PM
Re: Question on Pro Co RAT and available schematics
The Bipolar transistor Buffer one would be a good place to start. The Bipolar output buffer should make no difference in the sound. Build it with the lm308 first like the stock one then change the IC to a TL071,LF351 etc for a different type sound, you do not need the comp cap that the LM308 needs for the fet IC,s above. I would build it with Tan 4.7uf and 2.2uf instead of Al electros only because of the freg boost being set by the two caps and resistors from pin 2 to ground (tan caps tend to be closer to marked value than Als). Part of the RAT sound is the LM308 clipping. I like the sound of the two SI diode ones 1n4148s?