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Re: Zakk Wyldes pedal board.

7/5/2000 2:38 AM
Re: Zakk Wyldes pedal board.
Man, you got to meet the King? :) Ol Ed himself. I was real EVH influenced by ol Ed back years ago when I bought the first VH album in 78. It kicked ass for the time period, Just imagine ted Nugent Double live gonzo was big and here comes the newcomers VH. WOW. Any way during the mid 80s I heard Tony Macalpine and man he was a bad Mutha F%$#$%$er!!!. Ive got his first album ( Edge of insanity) and that was a bad ass album. Meeting Zakk was real cool, My Wife talked to him for just a few minutes and she was tripping out getting to meet this bad guitar player that she had seen in 94 for the No more tears tour. I felt lucky to have talked just a minute of shop. Thats a privilage :) For the show you seen , That must have been really cool. Also these guys doing that for ALS is a good thing. Jason Becker was a Bad Ass on the Guitar and its a shame when deseases happen to the talented. Lets hope the best for Jason...