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How to start a fire with your muff fuzz

6/19/2000 12:36 AM
anonymousHow to start a fire with your muff fuzz
Yes, you, too, can create flames with a muff fuzz!  
Simply attempt to sub in a potentiometer for R2, and there you have it- fire!  
Seriously, this just happened to me. Instead of messing around with different res. values, I figured a pot would be much quicker.  
I connected the wiper to ground, and one of the lugs burst into small flames (not sure which). I cut the power and it went out.  
No one was hurt. No parts were damaged. The circuit still works fine.  
I was using a 100k pot, and it was turned to one of its extremes. I don't know if this was full on or no resistance.  
So... can anybody tell me why this happened?  

Pete You've obviously had a lot of curre... -- 6/19/2000 12:44 AM