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Re: one more thing...

6/15/2000 2:39 AM
Re: one more thing...
Well actually he has the treble booster first, and the amps are actually distorting. But you could add in a distortion before them.  
As for the delay, well from what I can gather he uses 2 stereo delays. The first has the dry guitar signal coming in. The dry signal goes to the middle amplifier. The delayed signal of the first delay goes to the second delay. The outputs of the second delays go to seperate amplifiers again (left and right).  
So when he hits a note, it comes through the middle with no delay, then the first delay comes through on one side, the second delay comes through on the opposite site. Sounds bloody good on the stereo!  

Luke What kind of switches did you use i... -- 6/15/2000 3:00 AM