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Re: New at GEO

6/14/2000 12:50 PM
Re: New at GEO
The inspiration came from Claude, who was quite clear in asking for several pre-settable volume levels. He says that hitting a specific level is tough for him to do in a hurry, so he wanted several pre-set ones that he could select from, including the option of using a variable rocker pedal as well.  
Once he described to me what was needed, it was pretty simple to use the CMOS switches and combine that with the one-of-N footswitch selector from my programmable FX switcher to get to the whole mess. Everyone does recognize that the thing works for any number of presets up to eight, right?  
It was kind of fun - I got to throw in the pot tapering trick, CMOS switches, CMOS footswitching, normalling jacks, Millenium Bypass, all kinds of stuff.  
I'll have more detail behind it, including parts description and maybe a layout if time permits. But the technical level here is such that I think several of you could build it from what is there now.

zachary vex why not replace the selector with a... -- 6/14/2000 4:16 PM