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Re: Dyna Comp or Micro Amp

6/2/2000 9:43 AM
Re: Dyna Comp or Micro Amp
I use one Micro-Amp to goose the input on my solid state Fender reverb unit.(something's not quite right with mine-doesn't have as much gain as others I've tried). The other is right at the beginning of my signal chain. It's the one I use for actual boosts for solos and bringing up the levels of a couple guitars that have super low output pickups.  
You could chain several together but I think you'd get a lot of noise and some (probably not great sounding) distortion...who knows?  
And finally... I've tried the LPB, the J-Fet Coloration circuit, the DOD Fet Preamp, and a few others of my own, but I still go back to the Micro-Amp.

aron Sweetfinger, Can yo... -- 6/2/2000 5:48 PM