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Re: How old Is Everyone?

5/26/2000 11:44 PM
Ed Guidry
Re: How old Is Everyone?
I'm 28, been playing on and off since I was 14, been playing a bit more seriously for the past 6 years.  
I'm from Louisiana, a true-blooded Cajun. First guitar was a bently series 10 LP copy, and a Crate practice amp. First real amp was a beat-up blackface pro reverb. Wish I knew what I had back then. Now I got a blackface super reverb, working on a brown tolex princeton, and I just built my first pedal, the sweet thing, a few weeks ago.  
I think the mark of good gear is when you plug in and play, and the sound you get makes you want to play, and makes you confident in your playing. Practice and experience are 99 percent of that, but good gear and great tone can push you over the edge, make you actually play above yourself. I'm finding that in the sweet thing. Next project for the softer overdrive tones will be a shaka braddah.