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one more Q about SSTB MKII....sorry-aron?

5/18/2000 7:30 PM
one more Q about SSTB MKII....sorry-aron?
so w/ the mods, youve got 3 internal trims right? you add one at the 470ohm/8.2k spot. but then you replace 2 100k resistors w/ trims, but which ones? the one below Q3 and the one above Q2 on the schematic? do you wire them by jumpering the wiper to one outside lug, and then treat the outside lugs as the 2 leads of a resistor, and it doesn't matter which way its oriented?  
thanks again!!  

aron On my pedal, yes, I have 3 trims. -- 5/18/2000 7:41 PM