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Re: 2 Knob Bender

5/11/2000 6:16 PM
GordRe: 2 Knob Bender
"That germanium sound"  
This is my theory:  
There are pedals for bedrooms and there are pedals for concert halls. Bedroom pedals, such as the RAT (IMHO) have to really 'sing' well in order to have a good feel. A concert hall pedal has to sound good, but the feel part of it becomes less inportant. Why? Through a vintage style tube amp, when it is turned up, the amp will give you the singing qualities that the pedals might lack. That is why in a guitar store, a Fuzz Face or a TS9 might sound wimpy, but on stage, they kick butt.  
FOr live use, I think that the EQing of a pedal becomes more important?  
What do you guys think?

aron Good theory and yes, to some extent... -- 5/11/2000 6:43 PM