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previous: randy Re: Mesa Boogie V Twin -- 9/27/2000 7:04 PM View Thread

Funny, I had the same problem!

9/28/2000 2:52 AM
Funny, I had the same problem!
I had a V-Twin for a while, changed the cheap Mesa Chinese tubes, and after a while I realized that I didn't like the sound and blamed the new tubes. It took me a while, but eventually I decided to put the old tubes back in. They were only a few months old, so still in good shape. I didn't like it and I realized that the tubes weren't the problem. It was just that I was slowly liking the pedal less and less.  
I sold it because after A/Bing it with a Boss DS-1 (a pedal I don't particularly like), I thought that the little orange monster blew away Mesa's pedal.  
That's my story, FWIW.  

Matt Bamford I do agree with Gord but only becau... -- 9/29/2000 10:14 AM