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Re: Pedalboard-how to hold the pedals??

9/19/2000 4:49 AM
jim butcher
Re: Pedalboard-how to hold the pedals??
I've been pondering putting my pedals on a board myself, and have the lumber cut to size, adhered a groovy linoleum top covering, cut the length for the side u-channels (serves as sort of a molding for the outer perimeter of the board), have my two far-out little side hadles mounted on either side of the board, and was going to use the velcro carpet and hook method, but got to thinking about the bottom plates of the pedals......and since they are all secured in by screws anyway, why not just buy longer screws with the same diameter, and secure the pedals up through the bottom of the board? Obviously, battery access could be a problem if you're not using a power supply like the one voodoo labs makes. But cosmetically, this is the caveat emptor! Really.