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Re: Related question

9/8/2000 1:42 PM
Eric H
Re: Related question
"4 pedals - 2 true/by , 2 non-true/by (in loop of bypass box). Last in chain: Boss TU-2 tuner, then amp. Boss box seems to retain signal clarity although non-true/by. Is my tone likely to benefit from the TU-2's buffer circuitry, given that the lead to amp is about 20ft? "
Sounds good to me. You will possibly gain a bit of sparkle by having the boss at the end(as you seem to have guessed)--why don't you try it with/without, and see.  
"Also, I have a Visual Sound J + H pedal I like and use at times. This box is billed as having 'Pure bypass'."
I believe they use an electronic-bypass, similar to Boss. I think (and I believe R.G., Gus and several others do) electronic bypasses, like in the Boss pedals, work very well.  

Chris Many thanks Eric... -- 9/8/2000 2:15 PM