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Re: How can I purchase etched PCB's from GEO-FEX?

9/8/2000 12:49 PM
paul perry
Re: How can I purchase etched PCB's from GEO-FEX?
One possibility might be to contact one of the companies that provide PCBs for ham radio projects in QST etc & see if they want to add fx boards to their range. I think pedals are a growing hobby, unlike DIY ham radio. These companies are set up to produce boards pretty cheaply.  
On the question of sending money from overseas, for sums of $100 or more I find Western Union works very well, for people sending money from USA to here in Australia, when people buy stuff from me. Also, I find that greenbacks travel very well inside a tandy (radio shack) catalog ;-) Who says there isn't anything good in it?