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Re: Help a CRAZY MAN with his rig

9/6/2000 6:16 AM
Re: Help a CRAZY MAN with his rig
No offence please! My favorite music is made by texture based bands like My Bloody Valentine or StereoLab.  
I personally have lotsa gear and more than a couple distortions in my collection:  
.MXR Distortion II  
.Fender Blender  
.Fuzz Factory  
.TS-9DX w/ 808 mods  
.Roger Mayer VooDoo Bass  
.Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz  
.Big Muff  
So that is 8 distortions I use every now and then. I hardly use more than one at a time, if I do dynamics and good clean tones are nearly impossible to get, when bypassed. And ya can't really turn on and off more that two at a time w/ two feet.  
Try some sort of channel selecting box, Boss makes a cool one (but may only be in Japan as that is where I last saw one) and run some of those things in parallel for live use. I can't say that there is a perfectly controllable set up for all these boxes. When you record it would be best to just those two or three at once.  
IMHO, pedals are cool to collect, new and old, but none of the boxes I have bought in the past ten years are so cool that I will always keep them in my chain. The best box I have (right now) is my Fuzz Factory, it is super clean when off (true bypass) and very versatile.  
So I don't think your setup is overkill at all. Just don't think you HAVE to use all of them just cause you got 'em!  
Shoot me an email we could talk texture gear!