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Re: the "order of assembly" theory was never on his www site...

9/4/2000 2:46 PM
GordRe: the "order of assembly" theory was never on his www site...
I believe that we can take this same scenario into a school classroom. R.G. would be the teacher, Jacques the supply teacher when R.G. is sick, and the rest of us the grade three students.  
Young and impressionable, we go to school and find that Mr. Keen is away due to the flu and subbing in is Monsieur Jacques.  
Coming back once he feels well, Mr. Keen discovers that during our time with Monsieur Jacques, we were taught a couple of things which:  
a) are not based on fact, and  
b) cannot be proven.  
What's he to do? As a person in a teaching position, it is his obligation to dispel any myths.  
I believe that that is exactly what R.G. feels he's doing. There are a lot of unexperienced, impressionable pedal builders out here, like myself, who are prone to learning things who's truth just cannot be verified, lest someone like R.G. stands up for us. For that I am thankful he is around.  
Regarding Jacque's pedal, if I saw the insides of it, I would probably marvel at the way it looks. I think that if the solder connections stand the test of time, he has a great marketing tool wiring it up like an old amp.  

jason Good post Gord.I agree and ... -- 9/4/2000 4:09 PM