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previous: R.G. Chaos Theory and Parts Assembly Order -- 8/29/2000 1:18 AM View Thread

the "order of assembly" theory was never on his www site...

9/4/2000 11:27 AM
the "order of assembly" theory was never on his www site...
I am a lurker, but I first checked out Jaques' fuse blower site the minute he put it on the web (he announced it months ago on another bboard). I checked out the sound files, as well as the other parts of his site (to which i owe him a great "thanks" for introducing me to a great talent, Chris Whitley).  
This ongoing argument is the first i have have ever heard of his "order of assembly" theory. I feel that RG is shifing the truth around here... for shame! ;-)  
from reading this argument, i have come to these conclusions...  
1) Jaques has a good command of the english language, but not a strong enough command to fully understand the *implied* in the written discourse shown here. (plus, i assume that he is not a regular on this board)  
2) Jaques never seemed too clear about what constitutes "technical data"... ie, he has stated before that it was mere trial and error, and, in turn, was not able satisfy RGs inquiry until he said "No, I have no concrete data, it was trial and error," which, to me, seemed to be the data you were asking for all along (although he didn't fund a large scale investigation into the matter).  
which brings me to  
3) If Jaques was not clear on what constitutes *proper* "technical data", then the same applies to his idea of what "commercialism" really is. Yes, he is selling pedal and making a profit of some sort, but it looks like to me that it is just a hobby (at least at this point.. who could turn down the chance for large scale production if there was large scale interest). He is obvioulsly not supporting himself with this endeavor, nor is he advertising in hard copy (of course he would have to talk about it somehow.. thus, the section added to his web site).  
I belive RG is conducting some kind of witch hunt on this guy... Jaques never claimed to be a pedal guru... he just came up with some theory which he said he *believes* to have an effect on tone. Perhaps jaques made some statements that dont sit well with some people, but i contend that he is being pushed into a corner, and he is trying to defend himself (but at the same time not really backing down). It seems to me that he posted on this board to make some friends, not to begin some huge debate.

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