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Re: PDF format for layouts

9/2/2000 5:50 PM
Steve A.
Re: PDF format for layouts
    Until I got the retail version of Adobe Acrobat I was using GSView to create PDF file from PS print files generated by TurboCAD 3.05 (which didn't support any "web-friendly" output formats). I wrote up the method of using a Windows PostScript print driver to create the .ps files that GhostScript could convert into PDF or BMP files:  
    (The latest version of GSView [3.3] has a more intuitive user interface so you can select File|Convert to generate hi-res PDF or BMP files without having to edit the configuration files.)  
    However, if you are starting off with BMP or JPG file, you will end up with a larger filesize if you convert it into a PDF file with either GSV or Acrobat (the PDF file will just store it as a bitmap).  
    It was also asked whether PDF files can support links (like HTML files). With the retail version of Acrobat can add links with visible or invisible rectangles that you draw in anywhere on the page. It also allows you to add notes to the pages.  
    When downloading an HTML page, any graphics files must be downloaded separately (or you will just get the broken link icon). So if you choose to stick with HTML files I recommend zipping them up with all of the linked graphics files; if they are unzipped to the same directory they should work just like the on-line version.  
    Acrobat has a handy feature called Web Capture: paste in the address to a page or site and it will convert the page(s) into a PDF file containing all of the embedded graphics.  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. If you are drawing up pcb layouts you may want to include dimensions since the drawings may be scaled up or down to fit the page...