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Re: Encapsulated circuits...?

9/1/2000 4:42 AM
Steve A.
Re: Encapsulated circuits...?
I, for one, would love a copy of that schematic, if you get the time to reverse engineer it.  
    Me and my big mouth... I just peeked inside the clear plastic cover over the tube and the pcb is jam packed with resistors, et al. Maybe when I get my good digital camera back from repairs I'll make a set of photos so that someone else can figure out the circuit...  
    In any case, I've been having a lot of fun with the pedal! They recommend running it through an fx loop to minimize the noise, but the preamp (presumably with the tube stage) works really well with a guitar input, responding to your playing dynamics unlike any of the ss simulators I've tried. It's a really nice package and I recommend it to anybody looking for that sort of processor. (I believe that it was Trace who had recommended this very highly after checking it out in a studio.)  
Steve Ahola