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To answer one of your contentions...

8/30/2000 7:25 PM
Steve A.
To answer one of your contentions...
I contend that the order of assembly of identical parts makes no difference, given that it is done in a good, competent and workmanlike manner.  
    Speaking theoretically, I could imagine a temperature-sensitive component (let's call it "X") being altered if it was soldered into the circuit prior to a heavier component which required a lot of heat (such as the ground lug on a jack already secured to a thick metal chassis). The heat could be tranferred to "X" through a short length of solid wire being soldered to the ground lug thus altering its characteristics...  
    Of course, your condition that the work be done in a "good, competent and workmanlike manner" would preclude such a possibility. (Who but a total dumbsh*t would let a circuit "cook" like that while trying to solder a wire onto a ground lug connected to a heavy chassis? Oops! I've done that myself... just ignore that last remark!)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. What is it with the "workmanlike" clause in so many contracts anyway? As compared to what? Foremanlike conduct? Managerial incompetence?  
    I always thought that "workman" was an insult... "Oh that? It was just a workman that they sent out. I was hoping that they would have sent out a real craftsman when they replaced my toilet..."

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