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Re:zvex F factory,Etc.

8/30/2000 6:55 PM
Steve A.
Re:zvex F factory,Etc.
    I will take your word on the Fuzz Factory... it sounds like a really versatile pedal!  
    But my point was that a lot of the boutique fx pedals are derived from earlier designs, with just a few changes, and I would consider them to be more of a "tweak" than an original creation... If the boutique pedal maker essentially stole his design from an earlier pedal, wouldn't it be a bit hypocritical for him to complain about cloners stealing the design of his boutique pedal...? ;)  
    From what I've heard zvex would not fall into this category (i.e., "thief"); while he has studied the classic pedals he does come up with his own original designs... well, as original as you can get with a handful of semiconductors, resistors, and caps!  
Steve Ahola

Joe Gagan I guess it's always just a matter o... -- 8/30/2000 7:48 PM