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8/29/2000 5:10 AM
Steve A.
Now the ZVEX FF and Big Cheese are variations of a common circuit I understand the circuits and was working on something along the same designs I have not seen what they did posted or in any books. I would not call the circuits a tweek.  
    Good point! I think that if you can explain a pedal design in terms of an existing circuit that has been floating around in the unofficial public domain for awhile, then it is really just a tweak. Like if it is basically a Fuzz Face with 6 changed components it would be hard to argue that it is something new and different...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I never heard of these pedals before so I am not passing a value judgement on them... Heck I thought I was reading the menu to a fast food place. (Hmmm— I had assumed that FF stood for Fuzz Face... you guys aren't talking about French Fries, are you?)

Joe Gagan Re:zvex F factory,Etc. -- 8/30/2000 11:04 AM