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Re: Ibanez TS9 to TS808 Mod

8/20/2000 8:52 PM
GordRe: Ibanez TS9 to TS808 Mod
That "Magical Tube Screamer" tone (whatever that may be), won't suddenly appear or disappear by changing a couple of resistors. Beyond swapping the two resistors in the output emitter follower, which *hardly* makes a difference, I wouldn't bother getting any special types of resistors. I believe that R.G. wrote some cool stuff about this.  
You want a better pedal? Swap the caps with better ones. Putting in all film type caps in the signal path, including the electrolytics on the input and output, will make for a nice change.  
Then again, we mod, mod, mod, and sometimes we realize that the original was really good anyways.  
Sorry, I feel I'm just confusing things.  

Ethan Thanks for the info. I converted mi... -- 8/21/2000 4:39 PM