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I Finally MADE IT WORK!!!!!!!

8/4/2000 9:34 AM
Alvaro Salinas
I Finally MADE IT WORK!!!!!!!
Equal to all tracks in Siamese Dreams  
this can't be true..  
I made it I made it!!!  
2 months researchin'  
many soldering..  
Sorry guys  
I'm another one that knows how might be the secret for  
the Bigmuff. Also check the ROn Sound the hairpie  
It's that really a triangle knobbed mufff===??  
what a shame..  
i'll help if you email me..  
i'm not gonna tell how is the "secret"  
is just like RG said:" when you discovered it, is not gonna be like discovering the nuclear fusion or whatever else.."

paul perry "i'm not gonna tell how is the "sec... -- 8/4/2000 1:08 PM