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Anyone have MXR Analog Delay Schematic?

7/26/2000 1:25 AM
Mike I.
Anyone have MXR Analog Delay Schematic?
I'm repairing one of these gizmos. There are (3) Reticon SAD1024A inside, and curiously enough (2) CD4016 quad analog switches. Wondering what the CD4016 do - there are no "mode select" type switches on the box, so they are not for fx select/routing. Thinking they might form a switched capacitor tracking filter for the input and output, or less likely, a sample/hold to reduce spikes on the BBD outputs. Would be interesting (but time-consuming) to trace the schematic. If anyone has it scanned in, I would very much like to see it! Regards, Mike

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R. Bryant I've got the Analog Delay schematic... -- 7/26/2000 6:18 PM
Mark Hammer Secrets of the MXR Analog Delay -- 7/31/2000 5:13 PM