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Re: couldn´t make it happen..

7/19/2000 1:18 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: couldn´t make it happen..
The distortion I mention is entirely due to something about the audio signal path, and is NOT due to ripple in the envelope voltage, as many people have found with different commercial units (Ibanez Auto-Wah, Dr. Q). The audio signal path itself is pretty simple: a one-transistor buffer, and a (Sallen-Key?) bandpass filter. I am going to have to check the transistor, since it was cannibalized from something else. I hope there is no heat damage. Maybe that is my problem.  
Once you get the design working and finalized, it would be good to include a brief note on the schematic about including a fixed resistor or trimpot on the emitter of the range-setting transistor.  
"you can get it to work with a momentary push-button switch to go wahwah by pressing the switch"
I don't think this would do much for a guitar player, but DJ's would find it interesting. One company (Electrix) has already had a great response to its filter module, BECAUSE it includes a big momentary switch.

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