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Clyde vs. RMC3

7/16/2000 7:38 PM
Clyde vs. RMC3
Hi all-  
Any opinions on wahs--specifically, the RMC3 vs. the Fulltone Clyde?  
A bit of preamble--I had done some work on my VOX V847, and it had a good range of useful sounds (and three knobs on the one side that weren't there before: wah "Q", freq. range select, and bias adjust for the first transistor), and I was really digging the tonesthe thing was now capable of. The bias control was really cool (I call it the "W" knob, because it adds more "w" to the wah), and with a variable "Q" I could get some nice rhythm wah sounds that weren't terribly peaky, and then run the "Q" knob up for a wah that really stands up to massive overdrive and distortion. The frequency switch was basically a "set and forget" control for me.  
But...... When I was inside there trying to get rid of a persistent AM interference problem (I live right under a radio tower...), I accidentally sheared off my inductor (screwdriver slipped). I had tracked down the radio reception to the cheapo input jack itself (the crimped part that holds the sandwich of terminals/insulators was loose). I'll be replacing both cheapo jacks with good Switchcraft units ASAP.  
So, now I'm thinking about maybe replacing the whole board instead of just the inductor, since both are available as a V847 retrofit. I read the sites on both, and am currently leaning toward the RMC3 for its adjustability of parameters and its built-in radio supression (although he gives that one away on his troubleshooting page).  
Thanks in advance for any impressions you can relate regarding these wah pedals.  
C ya,