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my electronics book

6/22/2000 12:37 AM
Gordmy electronics book
I was flipping through my electronics book, (1973, navel personnel), and I couldn't believe my eyes when I flipped to the amplifier section! I saw preamp circuits and power amp circuits that looked just like what I build into these fuzz boxes! There it was, a Fuzz Face, JFET preamps, NPN, PNP!  
Then the creative side in me started thinking, "Hmmm.... if I could build pedals, maybe I could try to build simple transistor stereos". What I need is all your advice. Is this a good idea for me to do in order to learn more about audio electronics? Is there any BBS nearly as good as these ones, with simple stereo amplifier schematics? Aron Nelson's DIY stereo page? Or the like?  
I know this is a bit off topic, but I know that I can rely on you guys for a kick in the right direction as usual.  

paul perry There is very little interest in bu... -- 6/22/2000 2:05 PM