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Re: Tone Bender variation

6/15/2000 1:47 PM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)
Re: Tone Bender variation
I have more matched sets of three devices for those who want to try this. As always, $9.00 per set plus $2.00 S& H. The addition of the "Class C" input device opens up a much greater variety of possible bias settings as opposed to the FF, I think because it ensures that the second stage will be heavily saturated no matter how the next two stages are set up. I always ship with one set of "suggested" resistor values (which is all I have time to set up). You will note from other posts here that, especially with this circuit, you have to fiddle with the biases to get tone to your liking. Admittedly, my own interest is in screaming sustain, and I tend to select the devices with that in mind. I also did a few experiments with a 50K or 100K "drive" pot in series with the input to clean up the sound, and recommend this.  

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