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TB Tone Control

6/14/2000 9:34 PM
GordTB Tone Control
I was doing some experimenting with low-pass filters on my socketed TB MKII board to no avail. I can't seem to get a great taper happening. I then switched over to a TS style tone control, with different component values and no op-amp, and I got a great taper, but a loss in volume as I turned the tone control down. Do you guys have the same problems? I think that tonight I will try Mark's BMP-style control and see how it works. Any suggestions?  
BTW, thanks for your schematic, Mark!  
One mod for the TB MKII that I really like is switching the cap on the drive control to 22uf. It warms things up nicely.  

marrk Gord, keep at it, maybe together we... -- 6/14/2000 9:41 PM
aron >I was doing some experimenting wit... -- 6/14/2000 10:31 PM