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Re: Easy VOX wah fix

6/12/2000 6:10 PM
Re: Easy VOX wah fix
I did RG's JFET source-follower buffer trick on mine, except I put it inline with the input jack, so it gets buffered whether going through the wah circuit or bypassed (still using the SPDT bypass switch). This helps my tone a lot when bypassed *and* when using the wah. In wah mode, it punches up the high end a little bit (less loading) so you get a bit more "ah" at the top end of the sweep. In bypass mode, it adds top end sparkle due to less tone-sucking guitar cord between me and the amp. It effectively shortens my guitar cord from 50' to 25', since the signal driving the cord between my wah and the amp is now buffered....  
While I had it open and was futzing around with it, I put in a 6PDT rotary switch to select the frequency range of the wah, as well as a resonance pot and a bias pot for the first transistor. They give me a broad palate of choices for wah tonality. I like the resonance backed off for rhythm wahing, as it's a much softer sound. Cranking the bias down a bit adds a bit of 2nd harmonic distortion and makes the "W" part of the wah sound more distinct. It really "cries" a lot more, and holds up to massive overdrive a lot better than the stock circuit. If I position the pedal just right, I get an "octave" effect on a range of notes, with the resonance pot controlling how wide a range of notes (lower resonance = more notes). It's got me wanting to build an octave-fuzz box....  
C ya,