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Re: my super hard-on is more super than anybody's

6/10/2000 3:17 AM
Daniel R. Haney
Re: my super hard-on is more super than anybody's
I spoke generally and include all your original designs in these statements.  
These effects and stompbox forums are all about making a better mousetrap. Let another RF engineer or an audio electronics designer loose on any effect on these pages and you get surprised with their insights.  
This is not to diminish your own creations but to acknowledge that once the product in on the market, not only will someone try to rip it off and cheapen it, but someone else will try to improve it just because they can. Many here are in the latter category.  
As for burying a would-be FX forger, I am ambivalent. On one hand, littering the garden with corpses is distasteful; a more effective strategy would turn parasites into revenue sources that acquit you well, hence the suggestion of co-opting a talented forger into doing your work for you. Naturally, certain compelling legalities would be laid upon the soon-to-be ex-forger to ensure compliance.  
On the other hand, the garden of life is too damn crowded for my liking and I often feel that selected slash-and-burn land clearance is the only answer.  
The burning question for me is why on earth anyone would clone such a difficult package as any ZVEX pedal when there are so many easier ones out there?  
For someone to match the SHO artwork so closely and  
deliberately skimp on electronics suggests a personality both baroque and trivial-minded; I find that as hard to believe as that money was the sole motivation.  

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