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Re: Voltage requirements for electric mistress

6/6/2000 2:47 AM
Mark HammerRe: Voltage requirements for electric mistress
Not looking at a schematic this second, so take these comments at the level you want, but here goes.  
The EM *probably* wants +/-15v. A +/-22v transformer, after rectification, will provide MUCH more than that, so the EM will probably have some voltage regulation to bring that "too big" supply voltage down to size, and smooth it out.  
Not sure what the circuit is, but the rule of thumb for standard 3-pin regulator chips (7809, 7812, 7815, etc) is that you should feed them at least 2 volts more than you want out of them. Following rectification, a 15/0/15 transformer more than meets this requirement. So, my educated guess is that, as long as it can supply the current needs of the EM, the *voltage* is perfectly adequate for the linear, CMOS, and BBD chips on board.  
Do get a second opinion from someone with the schematic, though.