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How to get toner transfer in Australia?

5/30/2000 10:41 PM
Rob P
How to get toner transfer in Australia?
Hi all,  
I'm from Australia, and I have been getting more and more interested in this toner transfer press-n-peel stuff to make PCB's. I have tried photo resistive boards, but for one-offs its too much hassle, too costly, and besides, i don't have a proper light box, so half of my stuff doesn't work.  
anyway, does anyone (aussie or otherwise) know where i can get some of this stuff? are there any internet electronics places that sell it, and don't mind a small order?  
i've tried a couple american internet orders from electronics shops, and both times the postage was astronmical (not to mention the exchange rate! ugh!)  
anyway, all input is appreciated.  

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