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Re: Voodoo Lab Microvibe - uses ?

5/30/2000 12:21 PM
Re: Voodoo Lab Microvibe - uses ?
Despite all the good intentions of inventors of pedals, you really can't (IMO) get a "decentlLeslie sound" out of anything but a leslie. OK, Dave Gilmour's big round speaker cabs sound like a leslie, but that's because they actually are rotating speakers in a cab. What you can get is a kind of swirly or bubbly sound. For some bozo reason Warner Bros. let themselves be talked into pulling the Rainbow Bridge soundtrack off the shelves many years ago (not "some" reason, I actually know the reason, and it really was dumb), but try to find a copy of "New Rising Sun". Really obviously unfinished and all, but THAT is a great univibe sound, subtle, bubbly, but not really an in-your-face kind of thing. That works fine for blues. Just take the knobs and experiment, tweak the trimpot, take the knobs and experiment some more. My advice is try to find some way to record what you're doing with it, and listen to it later. Then listen again months later (you'll want to make notes about your settings, etc.); right at "the moment" and only a few feet from your amp just isn't that great a perspective on what your gear sounds like.