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Re: Best DIY Envelope filter pedal? any opinons

5/2/2000 1:24 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Best DIY Envelope filter pedal? any opinons
I wouldn't get too obsessive about it. Bear in mind that envelope follower modules are not exactly that recent. In the days of modular analog synthesis (which still exist in the form of an interesting sub-sulture), an envelope follower could be followed by anything you wanted, without any obligation to use it to drive a filter directly. That anyone would remember this and provide insertion loops prior to the filter section itself is no big surprise. If anything, EH's corporate decision to actually do this is probably the first (and maybe only) homage to innovation they've had in the last 18 years. I *like* their products, but sheesh, GET WITH THE PROGRAM, MIKE!!! In many ways, EH still hasn't caught up to where PAiA was in 1975.  
I had forgotten the Lovetone Meatball, and am glad I was reminded of it. At the moment, this is probably the holy grail of analog units in the arena of envelope controlled filters. Tweak satori.