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Re: Chorus boxes: Fulltone/TC/Voodoo

4/29/2000 4:27 AM
Jim M
Re: Chorus boxes: Fulltone/TC/Voodoo
I have the ChoralFlange and the Voodoo. They are both amazing pedals but they do different things. When I A/B them, I hear a much stronger bass boost with the Voodoo than the CF. The Voodoo is very warm and smooth. The CF is cleaner and clearer. They are both very, very good.  
1) The CF sounds just as good in mono as stereo. There is no signal drop in stereo. There is a small volume boost adjustment so you can have even louder when you kick it in. The Voodoo gives a volume boost with no control.  
2) Same with the flange. The flange is slight when there is no OD/dist. With OD/dist. the flangs is simply the best.  
3) 100% analog from my understanding.  
One note: With OD/dist. the CF sounds much better than the Voodoo. With OD the Voodoo starts to get real flangy sounding. But for some clean parts the Voodoo hits the spot. The control over all parameters on the CF makes it the better one imo.