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Re: Boss Super overdrive SD-1

4/23/2000 1:23 AM
Mike Crouse
Re: Boss Super overdrive SD-1
I just got through performing the tubescreamer bass boost mod suggested by R.G. Keen on my SD-1 and it's done exactly the same way. Get the schematic for the SD-1 and locate the .047uf cap between the 100K and 4.7K resistors at the input to the clipping circuit. Put a .1uf cap in its place and voila', more bass AND gain. I also tried a .2uf cap but it gave it too much gain for my taste and didn't seem to increase the bass any more over the .1uf cap.

Mitch Thanks Mike. I'll give that mod a t... -- 4/26/2000 1:09 PM