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Re: Anybody built a Matchless Hotbox?

4/15/2000 7:32 AM
Steve A.
Re: Anybody built a Matchless Hotbox?
    Keep us posted on any errors you may find, or improvements that you make to the design. Along with the source for the PT you used, etc.  
    Eric- the Hot Box is not just an overdrive, but an alternate/auxilliary all-tube preamp... The stock "Clean" channel on it is not supposed to be that great hence the idea of wiring up the VibroBox as the second channel for the HotBox. (With the tremelo switched off, the VibroBox is supposed to get some really great lower gain sounds- much better than the Clean channel of the Hot Box... or so I've heard.) So many projects, so little time!  
Steve Ahola

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