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Re: Ibanez SD9 Sonic Distortion

4/5/2000 3:50 AM
Re: Ibanez SD9 Sonic Distortion
I used a Sonic Distortion back in 1986 thru a Marshall 1972 50 watt head thru a late 60s 4x12 cab.This pedal had a fair amount of gain but was a bit plinky sounding for leads.  
The sound was nice for a distortion but by todays standards its just a generic distortion that is kinda like a tube screanmer with a tad more gain and a bit ratty. I found that the Ibanez DS10 distortion charger was similar to a tube screamer and has that smooth distortion compared with alot more gain. I have been using the distortion charger from 1993 to this day and I have compared it to my original Tube King-TK999 and have to say the distortion on the DS10 is still more smooth, Kinda similar to the early EVH sound with a flowing lead sound. I hope this helps a bit.