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Re: Does anyone beside me feel sorry for the poor sob?

4/4/2000 7:56 AM
Re: Does anyone beside me feel sorry for the poor sob?
Beware of the loud close listening tests from amps as I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and spent the last 5 years out of bands because of tinnitus. I loved listening to different sounds from my amps and 5 years ago I over did the volume on a amp. It not only ruined me from the club circuit I used to play on. Its a nightmare to have . Just imagine a real high pitched wine in your head at all times and never stops. Kinda like a constant torture till you get used to it. Also you get other problems from hearing damage too. In a quiet room the sound level seems to get much much louder resulting in any small sound becoming like a ice pick in your brain. Then if you try to go listen to a loud band you get headaches from the loudness after about 30 minutes. These headaches last for days on end. Then go into a crowded room and try to listen to some one talk around all the other noise going on, Its impossible to hear what that person is saying. The moral is, I never thought it could happen to me? Guess again. It can happen to any one and this can permanantly ruin a persons musical career real quick. Be Carefull and dont blow your hearing because once its gone you will never get it back!!! NO SHIT.