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Re: Let us clear his name.....

3/30/2000 9:52 PM
Re: Let us clear his name.....
If the tape head were to pick up 60Hz hum that was out-of-phase with any that the single-coil pickups were exposed to, that would possibly reduce the overall hum from the entire rig.  
Also, any other noise that might be generated early in the signal chain by the Tube Driver, if also radiated to the right tape head out-of-phase in the right amount might tend to cancel as well.  
Surpisingly, some low levels of 60Hz or 120Hz hum are theoretically acceptable for hifi tube amps when effectively masked by much larger signal. The same amount of hum in a tube guitar amp can do relatively more audible modification away from the desired output especially when overdriven. Try it, the ears are more sensitive to this than the 'scope, but it can still be seen on the screen sometimes while listening for it, that way you can get a better idea what's going on when you think that *small* noise is being masked fully by high gain overdrive, instead it might possibly be somewhat amplified.  
Hope this helps,