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Re: Must have Pedals for a Marshall?????

3/29/2000 4:32 PM
Re: Must have Pedals for a Marshall?????
"My TS-9 cost me $25 back in '87. Yep, bought it off a disillusioned metal head!!!"
Actually, I liked the ts-9 i had back in my metal days..that mid boost really thickened up my lead tone...and gave me sustain for days!!! *laugh*.. I used the same pedal most of hte way thru college for pick-up bands etc... used it to torture the frondt end of an old tube amp i bought for $5 --we are talking 5"jensen speaker, and the mini-tubes like 6au6 size, but when kicked with a TS-9, it pushed it over the edge.. sme pedal helped me whenever I had to play thru some older crappy sounding Crates etc, would give the dead sound a bit of life... I laer modded it, and it got a bit better, but wel, since I tried a bluesbreaker, I really don't like the ts9 that much anymore

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