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Re: More on Early VOX Wahs

3/20/2000 3:45 PM
Preben HansenRe: More on Early VOX Wahs
Hi. I think i can add a little more information to this "early wah-pedal".  
I have owned a wah like this, alas i dont have it any more.  
The housing, all gray hammerite paint, the jacks, as described, and no plastic "ring" around the buttonplate. I bought mine as new here in Denmark in the period from 1966 to 1969 i dont have the exact date. The price then was 275 dKr. The components, were not the same looking as the pictures here, but the "circuitboard" were the same. The resistors looked the same, the cap's: I remember that there were 1 "green ERIE" and a couple "tropical fish". To give more details i have to find the trace i made, i have it somewhere at home.  
OH! One important info: Outside on button plate was a white LABEL( 1.5 cm x 6 cm) with black letters saying something like this: Jennings Musical Industries. Made in Italy.  
I remember one big problem with it: I had to repair the inductur several times. The copperwir were soldered directly on the leads of the other components. From time to time, the screw that holds the two dimes together loosened itselves and the coil went apart. As a result the copperwire broke. After i learned to notice the "early warning", shake the pedal and listen, it ended up with rhat i mounted a plastic screw and glued the nut to the screw.  
The reason for selling it was that i was rather treblish. (I had tryed to ajust the pot, but no bass came up. By then i didn't now much about how to tweek the components as i do now).  
Regards, Preben