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Re: datasheets...

3/17/2000 2:44 AM
Rick Erickson
Re: datasheets...
[Are there any specs you can remember that you feel distinguish it from other comparable chips? E.g., the 1024 is listed as being able to clock at 1.5mhz, what about the 3001?]  
The 3001 had a clock freq range of 10-800Khz. Supply Voltage of up to 20VDC and used p-mos transistors as opposed to n-mos in the SAD1024.  
I'm getting a strange desire to go back over my notes and take a closer look at the biasing requirements of these two chips. I think there may be a clue there as to why the 1024 wasn't working very well in this circuit. Seems to me I took all that into consideration before but maybe I missed something, this was in the early '80's and who knows what I may have had for lunch that day.  
RE :-)

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