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Re: mods to fender reissue reverb

3/4/2000 5:59 AM
Joe Z.
Re: mods to fender reissue reverb
As a former owner of both the fender reissue and the Victoria, I can say they are in fact different beasts. Namely the Victoria has tremelo and has all the virtues of a boutique handwired piece. That said, I bought my reverberato second hand at a good price but still found it to be too expensive for something I disconnected from the signal chain when I recorded, and of course, how much tremelo can we stand for any period of time. So I sold it.  
The Fender reissue is a fine sounding unit especially if you change to all NOS tubes. Try a 5751 in the first slot, a good 12AT7 in the #2 posistion, and a 6k6 as the power tube. Last but certainly not least, change the small 250pf capacitor on the MIX control to something like 470pf silver mica. This will allow more mid and bass through and will warm up the sound considerably. These mods are outlined here on the resources by DR. N------. They do work!