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Re: DOD Phasor 201!

3/2/2000 2:28 AM
Michael TousekRe: DOD Phasor 201!
The LFO sweep on my grey 201 is nicer, in my opinion, than any Phase 90 I've heard. The P90's I've heard have had smoother pulses and didn't sound as Univibey. Then again, I've only gotten a chance to really fiddle with two or three P90's, so maybe there are some out there that are different. Both of the yellow DOD's had lopsided pulses. In fact they were too lopsided for my tastes.  
It also seems like Phase 90's have a more pronounced phasing effect -- they definitely sweep further into the higher frequencies and sound more "effecty", if that makes any sense. GFR mentioned that the 201 is similar to a MXR Phase 45, so I guess this would make sense -- there's 45 degrees more phase shift with a Phase 90. I'll bet Univibes have less phase shift than a Phase 90, probably more on par with a 201 or MXR 45, so they sound more like a Leslie and less like a ray gun.  
Does anyone know how much phase shifting a Univibe does?  
Michael Tousek

R.G. Read "The Technology of the Univibe" at GEO -- 3/2/2000 4:34 PM