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Hey Mark!

3/1/2000 2:44 PM
RobHey Mark!
Mark, I got the BB last night. The thing rules!  
The filter itself is really only marginal without  
the distortion on, but when you flip the switch,  
watch out!!! I got some sounds out of it that  
I could never get out of the Q-tron. (with distortion  
in front)  
So anyway, I pulled it apart and started twisting  
those trimpots while running my jazz bass through and  
into my B-15. They seem to me to be nothing more than  
gain controls, one for each filter (since it has two?)  
And then the sensitivity knob controls the gain of the whole shebang? (I'm not sure, but guessing)  
The pots didn't seem to have anything to do with filter  
frequency, just gain. I played with them for about 20 minutes and ended up with the settings right where they were in the first place. oh well! It sucks that you have to take the thing entirely apart to tweak them,  
since the pot is soldered to the board and the jack wires  
are short.  
Anyway, just wanted to let you know. Ya wouldn't happen  
to have a schematic of this thing, would ya?  

Mark Hammer Hey Rob! (RE: Bassballs) -- 3/1/2000 4:07 PM