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DOD Phasor 201!

2/27/2000 10:37 PM
Michael TousekDOD Phasor 201!
I think one of the keys to a Univibe's tone is its lopsided LFO sweep -- it's definitely not a textbook sine wave. I've never really studied how a Uni works, but it seems like the shape of the LFO is determined by how long it takes a little light bulb to light and then dim with each pulse, so you end up with real asymmetrical pulses.  
The newer DOD and Boss phasers sound too mechanical and fake because their LFO circuit is too good -- they spit out too nice of a sine wave. Most multi-effects units are the same way.  
I've got an old, gray, cast-metal DOD Phasor 201 that does a surprisingly good Univibe imitation. It's got a nice fat voice and beautifully lopsided pulses. Since I've owned it, I've come across two more Phasor 201's -- a slightly later model with a yellow housing and a modern reissue of the yellow model. Neither was nearly as good as my grey one, so maybe they changed something when they went to the yellow.  
But that's my recommendation for a cheap Univibe alternative: a grey DOD Phasor 201. The other thing that's nice is that it's really small and compact -- roughly the size of a Phase 90.  
Michael Tousek

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