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previous: JD Sleep Re: In search of .....a really good WAH WAH -- 2/24/2000 1:42 PM View Thread


2/24/2000 2:28 PM
1) IMHO, wah is best before distortion, not after. I can get my Rat to "honk" very nicely at certain frequencies using this order, whereas "after" gives too processed of a sound. This is totally subjective...  
2) I immodestly claim to get a great sound out of my stock Dunlop Crybaby. The key for me was a lot of practice; it took awhile to get to know this particular unit well enough to use it to the max. Now, I can duplicate most of the wah sounds I like, because I know the response of THIS wah intuitively.  
3) So whatever you get, work with it awhile.