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Re: Sustainiac sustainer pickups - opamp or no?

2/14/2000 12:41 PM
Mikko Helin
Re: Sustainiac sustainer pickups - opamp or no?
I think you can easily build the Model B Electro-Acoustic  
sustainer, as  
which use acoustic feedback with an acoustic driver (like a small speaker) clamped to the back of the headstock.  
For this you need a small power amp and small speaker, which you detacts into your guitar. Marshall MS-1 or MS-2 is an ideal amp, as it has enough gain. On the other hand, model b's power consuption is HUGE, 60 watts! So you may need larger amp after all, and the transducer making is difficult, as it shouln't actually make anu noises.  
I wouldn't like to use 60 W power to make vibrations to my guitar's neck, it will break down soon for sure.  
I think the original sustainiac use LM380 or similar small power amp to feed the magnetic transformer.  
- Mikko  

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